Reading GVEA's Electric Meters

Dial Meters

To determine your Kilowatt-hours(kWh) for a given time, write down, from right to left, the number each pointer has passed. Note that the tenth and thousandth dials are counter clockwise. Make sure to record the number the dial has passed. For example, if the hundredth's dial points to 7 but the tenth's dial has not yet reached 0, the hundredth's dial is recorded as 6.

Meter Examples
Odometer Style

Just like the odometer in a vehicle, the digital meter's numbers increase with usage. To determine your usage, compare a current read with the last kilowatt-hour read listed on your bill.

Meter Examples
Other Considerations
  • GVEA recommends taking readings 24 hours apart. This will show how much electricity your household has used in a day.
  • Your second read will be higher. Subtract your first read from your your second read. This is the amount of electricity used in the time period between reads.
  • A few of GVEA's meters in service have multipliers of ten. Multipliers are indicated on the face of the meter.